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Pindaya to Ywangan and
Ywangan to Pindaya

These are two long distance trails going between the two major towns in the Danu SAZ. These trails  will require at least one overnight stop - and could be extended to two nights out if desired.  This could also be done as a massive 100km loop, if the trails were combined. The paths are in good condition and it is possible to cycle along the routes. Along these route, you’ll cross waterfalls, coffee, tea and avocado plantations.

From Pindaya to Ywangan

Starting point: Myoma Market, Pindaya

End point: Shwe Kue Ku Hotel, Ywangan       

Type of trail: Natural/Cultural       

Level of difficulty: 4     

Total distance: 47.3 km       

Min elevation: 1190 m

Max elevation: 1805 m

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From Ywangan to Pindaya

Starting point: Shwe Kue Ku Hotel, Ywangan

End point: Myoma Market, Pindaya

Type of trail: Natural/Cultural

Level of difficulty: 4 / 5

Total distance: 53.1

Min elevation: 1746

Max elevation: 696

Click here to download the map.

Click here to access the map on Google Maps

Click here to download the brochure.

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